Lizette Lobpries, Gestaltist

Whispers from Peace

A Horse Can Change Your Life

My mission is to meet people where they are in life, listen, acknowledge, and accept, helping them to find more joy, clarity, and peace within themselves. 

I partner with horses using a unique methodology called Equine Gestalt™ to guide people to their highest good.

You’re in the right place …

Have you ever said …

I often feel misunderstood.
I feel stuck…in a rut.
I have lost ME.
I feel I have more potential, and can’t find it.
I have anger.
I have pain.
I am grieving and cannot move past it.
I have a lot of anxiety.
I am less than.

Work with Me

I can guide you … 

To know and love yourself.

To feel more peace inside.

To be able to help others.

To feel joy.

To recover from loss.

To feel whole.

My horses and I offer Gestalt coaching to raise one’s enjoyment of life. This method is very different than any other therapy.  It is highly effective and brings quick results.  Gestalt experiences feel natural and bring closure.


Group Sessions


Retreats & Workshops


Agreed they felt better about themselves at the conclusion of the Equine Gestalt Coaching session than at its beginning.”


Agreed they felt more hopeful about their future at the conclusion of the Equine Gestalt Coaching session than at its beginning.


Would participate in this coaching program again.

Meet the Gestaltist

Lizette Lobpries

My name is Lizette.  During my childhood, on the back of our two family horses, I learned to treasure the horse.  Only now, many maturing years later, have I received the truth of how healing, spiritual, and energetically balancing any equine can be.  

I followed my dream of earning two college degrees, starting a family, raising three children, and owning a business for 40 years with my husband.  Then, I suddenly discovered an opportunity that awoke a long-buried dream, a dream that aligned perfectly with what I had suspected all along – my purpose here is to help and serve others.  AND, my co-coaches would be equines, my heart-animal.  Be still my heart!  

My passion took over, and after two years of intense, demanding, life-changing studies, I earned my certification as an Equine Gestaltist™, through the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ based in Colorado.

I offer you a chance to Restart, Reboot, Reawaken, and find more JOY.  More Peace. MORE YOU.  My horses and I will affirm what you know about yourself, help you to understand how perfect you are in your own shoes, and help you to realize more Peace every day.